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Kijiro Ohta (1883-1951) - Kyoto Landscape - Oil on Canvas P3102

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Labeled "Landscape of Kyoto" on the back with the painter's name, this is a marvelously fluent painting in the Western style, really terrific. 

The painting measures 8 3/4" x 10 3/4", frame is 11" x 12 1/4

Kijiro Ohta (sometimes spelled Ota) studied Western painting in Belgium, in Ghent under Emile Claus, where he would absorb the principles of Post-Impressionism after he had graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. A journalist, he traveled to Vienna to write an article on, and meet, and be-friend Gustave Klimt, who himself had fully embraced "Japonisme".

After returning to Japan, he won many awards at government sponsored juried exhibitions. He also established an institute of Western art, and trained the next generation at the Kyoto City University of Arts.

We have added a photo as being of interest about the artist; Koji Fujii's "Ota Residence New Painting Room", Completed in 1924, Rebuilt in 1931, Photographed by Taizo Furukawa, Image courtesy of Takenaka Corporation

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