Welcome to Early California Antiques ONLINE

With our store in Santa Barbara and our warehouse in Oxnard, and our regular trips for deliveries and pickups to Los Angeles and San Diego, we have always especially valued contact with our customers and clients: designers and decorators, colleagues and fellow collectors, new and old.

Therefore we have designed the online experience to be as responsive and “in-person” as possible. And we will continue to develop and refine it to respond to your needs.

With an inventory as large as ours, we realize it can be a little daunting to find one’s way around our virtual store.  If you know what you’re looking for, our search engine is designed to take you there right away. You will also find a drop-down menu listing the many categories of our stock.

But since one of the truly great pleasures of shopping antiques is browsing and just snooping around, we’d like to point you in the direction of our carefully curated and constantly updated collections, each with a different focus. It’s as close to having an online concierge as you can get.

We’d also like to recommend that you sign up for our occasional newsletter. Because we are constantly getting new items in that you might like first crack at. Because we have terrific sales from time to time. Because we might be setting up our booth at an antiques show in your area. These are all good things.

And of course we’d love to see you at our showroom on State Street in the vital Arlington District of Santa Barbara.

You can also come by our warehouse in Oxnard off the 101, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as the last weekend of the month for special deals, and by appointment also.