Marie Cofalka

Marie Cofalka - Street - Lithograph AP1396

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Cofalka's German past is evoked in this somewhat savage little lithograph. A true artist makes you feel whatever the subject, and understand what perhaps cannot be put into words.

Measures 7 1/2" x 10 1/8".

Marie Cofalka (1924-2004)

Cofalka was born 1924 Heidelberg Germany. The family relocated to Poland, likely during the war, she escaped Poland and later ended up in Philadelphia PA, working as an artist.

She was single. Some of her work has been stamped with an address of 1023 S Farragut St in Philadelphia, which was used as a studio during the day.

In 2003, she became ill with cancer and passed away on Dec 20, 2004. It is not clear why but in 2003, the city deemed her building to be abandoned. At that time, the REC took over her property and demolished her studio, destroying much of her art. They later sold the land.

One work that we have identified she did the cover art for is a book titled “A Joyful Harvest” which was a religious text.

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