Fritioff Persson

Fritioff (or Fritiof) Persson - High Sierras - P3108

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 This is a terrific painting, fully conveying the awe this mountain range inspires.

Measures 19" x 23 1/4", frame 23 1/2" x 32 1/2".

Painter. Born in Sweden on May 24, 1897. Fritioff Persson came to the U.S. after serving in the Canadian Army in WWI. He then studied at the ASL of NYC. About 1930 he began spending long periods in the Mojave and Colorado deserts while living in Los Angeles. A gastric ulcer led to his demise in San Bernardino, CA on March 24, 1957. Exh: Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1930s; Society for Sanity in Art; Academy of Western Painters (LA), 1938; Scandanavian-American Art Society, 1939; GGIE, 1939. CSL; PF; DR.

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