Andre Brasilier Numbered Lithograph “Amsterdam” 1970 AP221
Andre Brasilier

Andre Brasilier Numbered Lithograph “Amsterdam” 1970 AP221

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André Brasilier, French, 20th century. Born 29 October 1929, in Saumur. Painter, watercolourist, engraver, lithographer. Figures, nudes, portraits, genre scenes, sporting subjects, horse racing scenes, landscapes with figures, landscapes, still-lifes, flowers, animals. Designs for tapestries.Andre Brasilier was the son of the painter Jacques Brasilier. After studying in Saumur and St-Germain-en-Lave, he joined Brianchon’s studio in 1949 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was awarded the Prix Florence-Blumenthal in 1952 and the Grand Prix de Rome in 1953. He lived at the Villa de’ Medicis from 1954 to 1957. He also received the Prix Charles-Morellet at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture in 1961 and the Prix de Villeneuve-sur-Lot in 1962.Brasilier’s paintings are populated by beautiful, elegant women, respectable nudes and high-class gentlemen and are set in pleasant Val-de-Loire backgrounds, resplendent with landscapes and charming towns. Revealing the distant inspiration of Gauguin and the well-assimilated influence of certain other artists, Brasilier depicts a peaceful, comfortable world, free from care, in a very simple, stylish manner, with delicate harmonies bathed in accommodating sunlight.

Brasilier took part in group exhibitions from 1956, including many in Paris: at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture; regularly at the Salon d’Automne, at the Ecole de Paris exhibition at the Galerie Charpentier (1954-1957); at the Paris Biennale (1961 and 1963); and at the Salon Comparaisons (1961-1964). Mainly, however, he showed his work in solo exhibitions, including: at the Galerie Drouet in Paris (1959); at the Galerie Weil in Paris (1960 and 1964); at the David B. Finlay Gallery in New York (1962, 1971 and 1974); at the Atelier Mourlot in Paris (1964); at the Galerie Guiot in Paris (1967); at the Galeria de Paris (1969,1972 and 1976); at the Yoshii Gallery in Toyko (1969, 1974 and 1977); at the Galerie Matignon. In Paris (1979); a first retrospective at the Chateau de Chenonceau in Paris (1980), at the Nichido Gallery in Tokyo (1983); retrospective at the Musee Picasso in Antibes (1988): at The Galerie Hopkins-Thomas and the Galerie Etienne Sassi in Paris (1988); at the Hammer Gallery in New York (1989); Andre Brasilier a Bagatelle at the Hotel de Ville in Paris (1992); at the Galerie Elysee-Matignon in Paris (1993); and at the Gallery Bac St-Germain in Paris (2002).Bibliography: Valensi, Raphael, Andre Brasilier, La Bibliotheque des Arts, Paris, Ides et Calendes, Neuchatel, 1978. Le Pichon, Yann, Andre Brasilier, ses transfigurations, Seguier, Paris, 1989. Harambourg, Lydia, L’Ecole de Paris, 1945-1965 Dictionnaire des Peintres, Ides et Calendes, Neuchatel, 1993. Brasilier, Andre/Harambourg, Lydia, Andre Brasilier: visites, Acatos, Lausanne, 2003 (text in English and French). Harambourg, Lydia/Bouillot, R., ‘Andre Brasilier’ in 2 vol, monograph, catalogue raisonne, Acatos, Lausanne, 2003.Dimensions: 19 1/2 x 24 15/16 inches. Medium: Color lithograph. Creation Date: 1970. Numbered 124/300

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