Paul Colin

Paul Colin - Original Vintage French Line Cruise Travel Poster AP1780

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Text in English which makes this a rare find: " Your Gay Entrée tp England and France. In good condition Some water damage as shown.

24"wide x 30" in length.

Paul Colin was a maestro of the Art Deco poster. He was one of the most important graphic artists of his time, creating more than 1,900 posters, and was a master of designing books, theatre sets and costumes. He apprenticed at a printing house in Nancy at the age of 15 and through his teenage years, then he entered L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1913. The L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts was founded in Paris by a minister of Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Colbert in 1671, as a school of fine arts. It provides tuition in painting, sculpture and engraving for students selected through competitive examinations. He achieved great academic success at school. Later, he first entered the art world with the help of Eugene Vallin, a renowned furniture designer and architect, and Victor Prouvé, a sculptor, painter and engraver. He is the teacher of Louise Bourgeois, the famed installation artist. And he is a descendant of Alexandre-Marie Colin. Throughout the years, Colin adjusted the Art Deco style to his own distinctive style, evolving with his understanding of symbolism and abstraction. He excelled in the deceptively simple way in which he portrayed his work. Over his career, he designed dozens of posters for performers in various media, reflecting the history of Parisian show business and the public life he led throughout his life.His posters are highly stylised, concentrating on themes in the performing arts, dance, studio art and theatre. His bold imagery, strong clean lines and brilliant colors are a hallmark of his work and showcase his superb visual communication skills.Among these, his posters Revue Negre and Tumult Noir are internationally recognized for their vibrant colors and strong lines that bring out the extraordinary talent of these musicians and dancers.

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