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19th Century French Copper Medallion Wall Plaque Portrait of Henri IV A956

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Large commemorative portrait plaque of King Henry IV in bas-relief, copper, early 19th century. France. What its original setting was we can only imagine. Inscribed “Henri IV Roi de France”. 38″ diameter. Hook on back for hanging.

Henri IV is a revered and even romantic figure in French culture, not only as the founder of the Bourbon dynasty, but also for his intellect and courage, and his assassination is still mourned, and still a source of national pride for a reign whose defining design and architectural style later found much favor with the robber barons of the American Gilded Age.

A cult surrounding the personality of Henry IV emerged during the Bourbon Restoration which lasted from 1815-1830. The restored Bourbons were keen to play down the controversial reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, and instead lauded the reign of the benevolent Henry IV. The song Marche Henri IV ("Long Live Henry IV") was popular during the Restoration.

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