Mexican Calendar Art

A Matchless Chronicle of Romance, Revolution and Mexicanismo.

While Mexico's great painters (Orozco, Rivera, Kahlo, Varo, to name but a very few) were producing revolutionary work that conquered the world, popular art began to consciously reflect Mexican life and culture and to inspire ordinary people's vision of themselves, as Mexico shook off its colonial identity and remade itself in its own image. A new generation of gifted commercial artists set about creating imagery that would inspire and encourage and unite all Mexicans.

And the first great medium for that turned out to be the free advertising calendars that hung in every home. And when those calendars' year was up, the images were lovingly cut out and framed and given pride of place. And we can see why.

We find these works to be gorgeous, moving, entertaining and infinitely touching. Look at how beautiful and spirited (and hardworking) the women are, how courtly and honorable (and handsome and brave) the men, see the couples flirting, then falling in love, and later living deeply contentedly together, feel their pride in their nation, their customs, their surroundings... everything one sees in these color lithographs is beautiful, and inspiring.

We are so pleased to be able to bring this collection to you.