Ludwig Vierthaler

Winhart & Co Ludwig Vierthaler Seaform Repoussé Copper Vase - Silver Over Brass Handles 1905

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An exquisite work of decorative art, its brilliance only marred by an unfortunate dent to one side, but still a thing of great beauty and rarity. Its connection to the natural world, its delight in the organic is a hallmark of this unique designer's work

Measures 15" x 10 " x

Ludwig Vierthaler was greatly inspired by the images of sub-aquatic life-forms that were being published by naturalists late in the 19th Century. After training at Tiffany & Co in NYC, he returned to his native Germany to become a central figure of the Munich Secession. His early design work, dating to around 1905, was for the firm of Winhart & Co. This material is categorized by swirling hammering, flowing repouseé work and a myriad of sea creatures, many set with abalone. He partnered with Ehrenbock to form a new firm and crafted objects adorned with enamel work. The period trade magazines, as seen below, help showcase his stunning design work.

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