William E. Shepard

William E. Shepard: Cowboys at Rocks

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William E. Shepard: Cowboys at Rocks, oil on board of cowboys and a canyon, grand or otherwise. Framed 32 x 20, art, 18 x 24.


(1868-1948) Born in Oneida County, New York, in 1868, William E. Shepard came to Nebraska with his parents, living on a homestead where he learned the habits of cowboys and Indians and the covered wagon trains.  The love for art work became evident early in life and at the age of eighteen he was operating his studio.  His hand made portraits and landscape paintings were considered among the best.  He was well known in his field of work.  He had studios in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, Kansas City and Saint Joseph, Missouri and Pensacola, Florida and in other places.

Individuality in his landscapes is attributed to his knowledge and execution of the fundamental principals of  lines, harmony, and color perspective.
The most complicated work is shown in his relief paintings, and several trips to the mountains inspired him to produce paintings with greater perspective.

Label on the back of a painting exhibited September 7, 1943.

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