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Vintage Theatrical Poster -The Tourists 1906

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Color Lithograph. In a caption box at top is the banner "Sam. S. & Lee Schubert (inc) Offer the Merry Musical Comedy" followed in larger block letters by "The Tourists." Below that in smaller type is the caption "North American Amusement Company, Proprietors. Direct From One Whole Year in New York." A man in tattered clothing and a tam pushes a young peasant woman in a wheelbarrow. The bottom caption reads "Oh! You'll Dump Me!"

The play had a short run at the Majestic in New York City from late August to early December. With its exotic setting ("Hindustan") and a few notable songs ("Nice to Have a Sweetheart"), the play shows Burnside's familiarity as a director of many Gilbert and Sullivan shows for the Schuberts.

And this is the show that got Lillian Lorraine spotted in a small part by Ziegfeld: stardom ensued.

Printed by the Strobridge Lithograph Company 50 cm by 74 cm

Probably trimmed (not unusual), but otherwise in excellent condition, the poster measures 16 1'2" x 26" and the frame 18" x 27 1/2".

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