Vernon Morse

Vernon Morse WWII Original Art for Propaganda Poster

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This is happy propaganda, so radiant and confident one can almost believe the war was won on attitude. Good, that is. In fact it was won by sheer superiority in resources and manufacturing and a huge war effort on the part of the civilian populations as well as the military. This now exists as a positive souvenir of that heroic and tragic time.

Oil on canvas 24″ x 27″, frame 27″ x 30.5″

Vernon Morse

Painter, printmaker, illustrator. Born in Benton Harbor, Ml on Sept. 9, 1898. While a resident of San Francisco in 1919-25, Morse was a pupil of Spencer and Constance Macky at the CSFA. He was active in the Pasadena area from the late 1920s and by the late 1930s was living in Sierra Madre, CA. He died in Burbank, CA on March 5, 1965. Member: Laguna Beach AA; Oakland Art League; Calif. WC Society. Exh: Oakland Art Gallery, 1927, 1934; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1929-37; Calif. State Fair, 1930; SFMA, 1935; Academy of Western Painters (LA), 1935-38; GGIE, 1939. lnvw; AAW; AAA 1931-33; WWAA 1936-41.
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