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Vandenberghs Vitello Limited Margarine Advertising Poster c 1905 AP1208

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"Replaces Natural Butter" is the proud boast of this terrific Franco-Belgian poster, and the pride is borne out by the two very satisfied chefs ceremoniously carrying in a crock of the magic substance.

Simon Van Den Bergh was at the forefront of margarine innovation when he started manufacturing it according to the groundbreaking innovations of scientist Wilhelm Norman in 1902. He also, as a Jew, was concerned to create a kosher product, Tomor, under Rabbinical supervision, which he did in 1904 and which, despite Hitler, has survived until today. The witty posters for that line are known to have been designed by the talented artist Professor Moritz Oppenheim, son of the first important Jewish painter in the European tradition, whose name he bore. It is not far fetched to consider that he might also have illustrated this poster for Van Den Bergh's main company. Hats off to him if he did. This is absolutely first-rate work.

Stone Litho Poster measures 16" x 24", Frame is 16 1/2" x 24 1/2". In excellent condition.

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