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Uniflite Emblem

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We all love skywriting but we have to admit metalwriting is the bomb.

And the company is so cool:

Uniflite (United Boat Builders) was founded in Bellingham, Washington by Art Nordtvedt in October 1957. Although the company is best remembered as a maker of recreational powerboats, its initial products were small fiberglass runabouts. The company also supplied river patrol craft to the US Navy between 1965 and 1972 for use in the Vietnam War.

Uniflite was acquired by Chris-Craft Boats in 1984, who continued to build the boats under their brand until they ceased production in 1989.

After the company's demise, Art's son, Gary Nordtvedt, went on to found Norstar Boats.

Measures 10" x 4".

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