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THE TRAIL BLAZERS 1953- Set of 2 Lobby Cards

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 "The Trail Blazers" is a 1953 Western-Comedy starring Alan Hale, Jr. 2 lobby cards, 14 x 11. See photos - stamped with approvals.

Center City, California is besieged by juvenile delinquents bent upon destructive pranks. Believing the youngster's energies should be channeled into worthwhile pursuits,Roger Stone organizes a Boys' Club. After escaping from Police Officer Lundig, who saw him steal an apple from a grocery store. Spike hides in the Boys' Club. Roger invites him to accompany the members on a trip to the mountains. The morning after the boys have made camp, Deputy Sheriff McLain arrives and tells them two convicted killers have escaped and are believed to be in the vicinity. Blitz, the club dog, leads them to the body of one of the escapees, killed by the other escapee, Angus. The latter then shows up at the camp...

 Unless otherwise noted, no rips, tears or restorations.

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