Stangl Sunburst Hand Throw Handled Vase CA2365

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Measures 15" x 9" x 9". Spectacular blending of the glazes.

Stangl Pottery was a company in Flemington (and later Trenton), New Jersey, that manufactured a line of dinnerware and other items. The company was originally founded as Samuel Hill Pottery in 1814, until 1860 when it became Fulper Pottery. The name changed to Stangl Pottery in 1955. The company ceased production and closed in 1978, but the dinnerware is still prized by collectors. Pieces can be identified by the Stangl name on the bottom.

Having joined the company in 1910, Johann Martin Stangl became president of the company in 1928 and only the Stangl Pottery line was produced after 1935. From 1929 and onward, the pottery had the marking Stangl or Stangl USA. In addition to dinnerware, Stangl was known for its line of bird figurines which were sold from the 1940s to the 1970s. The bird figurines were called the Birds of America series and their designs were based on illustrations by John James Audubon. The designs of Stangl dinnerware were created by Kay Hackett, and featured folk art designs based on Pennsylvania Dutch motifs and nature such as fruit, garden flowers, and thistles. Stangl contributed to the World War II effort by teaching basic techniques to local women so that the company could produce red clay dinnerware. Both the carvers and painters put their initials on the back of the dinnerware.

The company's name was changed to Stangl Pottery in 1955, but the company's dinnerware had the Stangl mark from 1930. When Stangl died in 1972, the company's assets were sold to Frank Wheaton, Jr., the owner of Wheaton Industries. The pottery was produced until 1978 when Pfaltzgraff bought the rights and the rest of the assets were liquidated. Stangl's products are still collectible, and sought-after items include the bird figurines, milk jugs, and creamers.

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