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Set of 4 Industrial 1930s Stools F2419

Regular price $350.00

Although we acquired these beauties from the same source, they are not exactly matched. The design, that of a height-adjustable work stool made of steel and wood, IS the same, and all four show the signs of hard use and wear to different degrees and all remain sturdy. Three have wooden backs, one has a metal one and all four have wooden seats 13" in diameter. As they stand, currently adjusted, their heights vary from 35 1/2"- 38", the seat heights from 23 1/2"- 25 1/2" and the base footprint of the legs of each forms a 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" square.

We love the scars and rugged patina of all four, doughty work-horses of the industrial age.

Each is priced at $350. Study the photos to make your choice of which one or ones attract you the most, and contact us to arrange special shipping, local delivery or pickup at the warehouse.

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