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POSSE (Los Justicieros del Oeste st of 8 Lobby Cards

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Posse is a 1975 Technicolor American revisionist Western Panavision film, produced by, directed by and starring Kirk Douglas. The screenplay was written by Christopher Knopf and William Roberts. The plot centers on a U.S. marshal with political ambitions leading an elite posse in pursuit of a notorious bank robber to further his political career. The film premiered in New York City on June 4, 1975, and in June the same year in Berlin at the 25th Berlin International Film Festival, where Douglas also was nominated for the Golden Bear.

An unscrupulous politico marshal and his deputies chase a gang of train robbers whose leader proves that every man has his price.

Bruce Dern and Bo Hopkins headed the rest of the cast.

8 cards 14" x 11"

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