Paul Wunderlich 1972 Munich Olympics Poster
Paul Wunderlich

Paul Wunderlich 1972 Munich Olympics Poster

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“Far out” best describes the posters commissioned by the organizers of the 1972 Munich summer games, with a huge diversity of artists and styles enlisted to convey the Olympic message in graphics. In some the sport invoked is clear, in others the message is considerably more mysterious. This is definitely one of the mysterious ones. Designed by the Magic Realist Paul Wunderlich, dark, brooding and surreal, the poster shows a truncated headless torso, harking back to the ancient Greek statues that celebrated physical beauty (and portrayed the first Olympians in many cases), extended into a geometric universe of mathematically precise lines, curves and shapes. This is about the exaltation of physical strength and athletic attainment and the physical perfectibility of humans, as another window into the eternal and the ideal.  Extremely powerful.

29″ x 39 1/2″. unframed.

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