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Paramount Theater Double Feature Poster

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“Let’s see: An unlikely courtroom romance blooms between a flower-shop owner and her unscrupulous landlord’s married attorney.”

“Oh,  I love John Boles!”

“And the other one… let’s see what it says in the description: Cora and Matt have tons of money and have spent a lot just to be accepted into New York society. The problem is that New York society has very little money. Matt prefers lunch counters and regular clothes to fancy dining rooms and dinner clothes, but Cora wants to be in with the ‘400’. So they give the cash to poor, but socially prominent, Marsh money to have a little party in their honor, and Matt hires waitress Sandy to pose as their daughter. But Harley has already meet Sandy on the sidewalk, and even though he does not know who she is, he is in love with her. But Sandy does not like him.”

“Well… we don’t have to stay for the whole thing.”

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