North Dakota School of Mines

Palmer Huek - Squat Purple Vase - North Dakota School of Mines CA2445

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Measures 3" x 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".


The University of North Dakota School of Mines was formed in 1890.  In 1889 Earle Babcock was hired as a Chemistry instructor.  Babcock was the first to understand the potential of North Dakota clay for making art pottery.  

Babcock sent North Dakota clay to various art pottery makers, asking them to make art pottery using his clay and to mark the pieces in some way to distinguish the source of the clay.  Babcock placed orders with several companies, including Roseville Pottery and Owens Pottery for vases made with his North Dakota clay. 

In 1909, Earle Babcock added ceramic courses to the UND academic offerings.  Mr. Babcock and Ms. Bisbee taught the classes within the Chemistry department of the University.  The National Corn Exposition in Omaha, Nebraska, provided Babcock another opportunity to display North Dakota produced art pottery.  This time Babcock ordered North Dakota clay produced art pottery made by the Handicraft Guild from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Ferock Studio from Zanesville, Ohio.  The art pottery received from Handicraft Guild and Ferock Studio for the 1909 Exposition was also marked ND. In 1910 the University of North Dakota hired Ms. Margaret Cable to lead UND’s Ceramics Department. 

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