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Oil on Board Nudes on The Beach at the Cliffs

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A really knockout example of outsider art. A work of imagination and great charm. The naked ladies are bestowed on the sand, while what looks like tents are pitched at the base of the cliffs. At the center of the picture one woman has kept her robe, or kimono on. Is she about to shed it, or is she guarding her modesty? One lady still wears her bikini. Who are the watchers in the shade of the striped canopies? And the unbothered surfers heading out with their boards ignoring the undraped beauties? Erotic and completely innocent at the same time, it is a vision of a glorious day, the beach sheltered from the stiff breeze that drives the serrated clouds across the bright blue sky, a paradise.

Unsigned. Measures 27 1'2" x 27 1/2" Oil on canvas that has been mounted on plywood.

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