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Navajo Silver Belt Buckle Signed Oscar Alexius

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A wonderful Native American silver belt buckle signed by a well listed artist, Oscar Alexius.

Oscar Alexius has won several awards at the prestigious Gallup Ceremonial competitions over the years. He spent the first part of his career working as a benchsmith for a Gallup trading company before striking out on his own although he occasionally works with his friend, T*o*m*m*y  J*a*c*k*s*o*n. His work is now so much in demand that he can afford two residences — he lives part of the year in Window Rock, AZ (the capitl of the Navajo Nation) and the remainder in Yatehey (the Navajo word for “hello”), NM — and supports his wife and six children. He belongs to the Salt Clan.

Along with a handful of other noteworthy Four Corners area Navajo artists whose names you’d recognize, Oscar has been and remains one of key artists in creating, popularizing, and preserving the old early 20th century Navajo jewelry designs that were danger of being lost forever. This oldstyle bracelet with an old pawn finish is a prime exemplar of the revivalist movement and of Oscar’s meticulous research and silversmithing skills. The old pawn finish mimics the appearance and patina of naturally aged sterling silver.

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