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Massive Spanish Colonial Style Carved Redwood Figural Plaque of a Mission Scene

Regular price $15,000.00

Measuring an astonishing 200" across by 70" high and 2" deep, and carved out of a single massive piece of redwood, this extraordinary object may have hung in a restaurant or a winery. Its fantasy of singing monks in a bucolic landscape under the protection of a benevolent sun at its zenith with a romantic mission complex presiding over the fields in the middle distance is uniquely Californian in its optimism and gauzy version of the mythical past. It's spectacular and cheerful and absolutely one of a kind and should find a home wherever a good time is the order of the day.

Restaurateurs, hoteliers and dispensers of kingly hospitality take note. The scroll at center bottom announces "La Cancion Mission" and surely that's where we all want to be, singing all day in the shade of a spreading tree.

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