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Lincoln Tunnel Tin Litho Wind-up Toy A960

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Of the many wonders of New York City’s heroic age of public works, the Lincoln Tunnel connecting Manhattan’s skyscrapers with the then bucolic countryside of New Jersey must rank near the top. Even today, traveling through it is an experience rarely matched. And here we have a toy distillation of its imposing essence, instantly recognizable, rejoicing the child’s heart that lives in all of us and filling this New Yorker with nostalgia. It is toy as poem, an ode to this link that joins the great city of skyscrapers to a vanished world of pastures and homesteads. Absolutely delicious, and wonderful in all its loving attention to detail. Kids love the concrete and the factual, they can take it from there.

1930s. Made by the Unique Toy Manufacturing Co. Ours, like any well-loved toy, is incomplete, but two cars remain, a hay truck and a green (streamline) car. 24long x 4w x 3h.

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