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La Legion Heroica Mexican Movie Poster 1938-9

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This was 1938’s The Fighting Devil-Dogs, a Republic Pictures serial that found a release in Mexico. As you can see, every expense was spared, but we bet it entertained the kids really well. One of its two leading man (a former shot-put champion and one of movie land’s Tarzans in the the 30s), Herman Brix, broke out of the Poverty Row rut by changing his name to Bruce Bennett, and enjoyed a more distinguished career thereafter. The other, Lee Powell, was the first Lone Ranger and died in the Second World War.

The Fighting Devil Dogs (1938) is a 12-chapter Republic movie serial starring Lee Powell and Herman Brix, the latter better known by his later stage name, Bruce Bennett. It was directed by William Witney and John English. While not often considered one of the best serials ever made, as it contains a lot of stock footage and two recap chapters, it is famous for its main villain, The Lightning—the very first costumed supervillain. There is some speculation that George Lucas used The Lightning as a template for Darth Vader.

Plot: In Singapore, two Marine Lieutenants, Tom Grayson and Frank Corby, uncover the threat of a masked terrorist called The Lightning, who uses an arsenal of powerful lightning based weaponry in his bid for world conquest. However, the battle becomes personal when The Lightning annihilates the officers’ unit, and later kills Lt. Grayson’s father as he was helping the investigation of the weapon. Now, the marines have dedicated themselves to stopping The Lightning and bringing him to justice…

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