German Bing Toys Model T with Its Own Garage A2585

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Exceptionally rare.  The Tin Lizzy (literally!) fits into its garage which measures 4" x 6 1/2" x 5". Entrancing.

Bing or Gebrüder Bing ("Bing brothers") was a German toy company founded in 1863 in Nuremberg, Germany by two brothers, Ignaz Bing and Adolf Bing, originally producing metal kitchen utensils, but best remembered for its extensive lines of model trains and live steam engines. Ignaz is also known for his discovery and development of the Bing Cave, a show cave in Germany.

Bing was a staggeringly prolific toymaker, and by 1928, it was one of Germany’s leading toy manufacturers, with annual sales of around 27 million Deutschmarks that year. However, the trade depression that resulted in the Wall Street crash proved to be disastrous for Bing, and many of the firm's assets were taken over by Karl Bub, a rival manufacturer.

As well as producing their own range of toy trains, track and trackside accessories and buildings, and manufacturing for Bassett-Lowke, Bing also produced toy boats, ships, cars and trams, as well as magic lantern equipment and slides, optical equipment, electric and steam motors and components, hot air engines, induction coils and other experimental electrical equipment including Gessler and Rontgen tubes, dynamos, powered fountains, science kits, and early telephone equipment.

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