Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington western prints - Pair P2280, P2281

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Remington western prints - a pair. Great scenes of the old west. Art in both 14 x 10, framed 16.75 x 12.75. "The Fight for the Water Hole" and "A New Year on the Cimarron." Price is for the pair.


Born at Canton, New York, Frederic Remington (1861 - 1909) became the foremost turn-of -the-century illustrator, painter, and sculptor of western action-packed subjects with cowboys, Indians, horses, soldiers, and other frontier characters. His style was realistic, and much of his work was narrative with strong implication that the West belonged to the white man, but his Indians were portrayed with dignity and nobility.

During his lifetime, Remington created about 25 bronzes with the most famous being "The Bronco Buster", and one of the largest being the cowboy statue for Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. He also did about 3000 paintings, some which he burned towards the end of his life.

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