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Folk Art Cane or Scepter or Staff of Office with Horse Head and Hoof A566

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How to describe a piece so unique without gushing or sounding gauche?  This piece has it all. In cast aluminum topped by a horse head and footed by a horse's hoof .

We think it is cast as a single piece but it is hard to tell as it's covered in some hard substance that appears to be troweled on and scraped and shaped to give a theatrical effect of beinga living part of a tree, bark and all. What the symbolic significance of this object is can only be guessed at. In a monochromatic grey brown finish. Or in what play or movie was it used as a prop. 

Straight from the world of fantasy fiction. Quite magical. A wizard's staff, a monarch's scepter, a witch's cane. It most resembles a Harry Potter Death Eater Wand. 

Measures 50″ long x 12″ wide x 2" deep.

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