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FATE OF A MAN 1959 - Set of 4 Lobby Cards

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Drama thriller from 1961. All red tinted, near perfect condition. Stamped with approval censor stamp. Fate of a Man, also released as "A Man's Destiny" and "Destiny of a Man" is a 1959 Soviet film adaptation of the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov, and also the directorial debut of Sergei Bondarchuk. In the year of its release it won the Grand Prize at the 1st Moscow International Film Festival. Set of 4 lobby cards, all 14 x 11. (Set 2 of 2)

 After the Russian Civil War, the Russian worker Andrei Sokolov marries his beloved Irina and seventeen years later, the couple has a son and two daughters. The family man Andrei is summoned by the Red Army as truck driver in the World War II and he promises to Irina that he will return to his family. Andrei drives through a road that is bombed and he is captured by the Germans and suffers in the prisoner camps. He finds strength to resist the maltreatment of the German soldiers thinking in Irina and his children. Andrei succeeds to escape from the Germans and finds that Irina and their daughters were killed during the bombing of their house and his son Anatoly is a Captain of the Russian Army. Near the end of the war, Anatoly dies and Andrei does not see any motive to live. Until the day that she sees the starving orphan Vanya begging on the streets of Uryupinsk.

Unless otherwise noted, no rips, tears or restorations.

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