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DEVIL'S HARBOR 1954- set of 4 Lobby Cards #2

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"Devil's Harbor" is a 1954 Crime Drama starring Richard Arlen, Greta Gynt, Donald Houston. Cards are 14 x 11. See photos for condition. 

Based on how far out of the socket the long arm of coincidence is stretched in this film, it is a lot closer to a Tex Avery cartoon then it is any kind of film noir genre. American Richard Arlen, long past his prime and cast in order to have an American actor heading the cast so the film might actually induce an American booking (an observation based on the reality of selling tickets and with no intentions of knocking the other-wise good all British cast), gets innocently involved with a drug ring when he is left a package containing their stolen goods. Some stuff happens but he and a detective meet and eventually round up the crooks. The other primary reason for an independent B-film of this quality ending up with 20th Century-Fox as the distributor is that TC-F was up to their ears in slow-in-production CinemaScope films and couldn't make enough films fast enough to meet the demands of their exchanges and exhibitors and had to turn to the indies to provide more product. Actually that is the first reason and the Arlen casting was second.


Unless otherwise noted, no rips, tears or restorations.

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