Colin Campbell Cooper

Colin Campbell Cooper- American Impressionist: Interior Scene – Oil On Canvas c. 1900

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“Cooper’s work is most often discussed in the context of a particular place or movement–American Impressionism within New York, or Impressionism within California are most frequent. Also referenced is work by Cooper that falls within the American Orientalist movement. He is also referred to as an American painter who, sophisticated and well-trained and -travelled, throughout his life documented his many travels. Actually Cooper was all of the above. While his oeuvre has rarely, if ever, been examined in its entirety, both the quality and the scope of his work is tremendous.”

A domestic interior, and a beautiful study of light, as it is experienced from inside, the whole scene muted, but with the glimpse of the day outside all the more intense for how it is filtered, bounced into the room from a building opposite and even given back into the glass of a framed picture. The apparent cool and darkness of the composition gives way to a warmth and essential luminosity that becomes the heart of this fascinating work.

It must be noted that the painting has been extensively restored and the canvas relined.

Canvas 18.25″ x 15.25″, frame 24″ x 21″.

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