Chang Reynolds

Chang Reynolds: Outside the Horse Tent lithograph 1940s

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Chang Reynolds: Outside the Horse Tent lithograph, 11 x 10, with frame 17 x 15.5.

Chang Reynolds (c.1914 - 1987) was an educator, school system administrator and artist in the Los Angeles area.  He was a teacher and an audio-visual supervisor in the Pasadena City Schools until retirement.  Born in New York, he attended school there as well as Pasadena City College and UCLA.

He is remembered for his circus research, documentation of elephant history and lore, observations as a naturalist, photography and works of art, especially those depicting animals.  He wrote quite a few articles about circus and Wild West history for the CHS magazine Bandwagon [1962-1992] and also published Pioneer Circuses of the West in 1966.  At one time he was the President of the Circus Historical Society.

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