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Call for Philip Morris Original Tin Litho sign I Love Lucy Sponsor

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These old Tobacianna signs are hard to find from the I Love Lucy Period. Similar to a sign I have seen in the coffee shop they sometimes frequent to plot against the latest antics of Lucy and Ethel. How do I know. Ive seen them all at least 20 time!! We didn’t have YouTube back in the late 70’s. Anyway heres an old survivor that Ive had since i was 13.

Found in a stack of 10 were these old Philip Morris signs. I remember selling them at an old car swap meet I helped my dad at and made 100 bucks. My Parents thought people were crazy to buy old rusty faded signs ! I kept this one all these years cause it didn’t take up much room and Its lived out in the garage.

20 x 30 . Condition as shown. Red Fade to Philip

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