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Be A BOSS Man Sign 1950s

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A terrific example of 1950s brand signage. Litho mounted on board. Measures 24" x 23". A little wear (visible in photos), but remarkably fresh looking, the colors still bright. Stamped on back "Brown Sign Displays".

This iconic American brand's story began in 1890s Kewanee, Illinois, when a farmer, frustrated by the challenges of husking corn, combined a leather strap and a metal hook to create the Perkins Boss Husker. This simple invention led to the establishment of the Perkins Husker Company, which became Boss Manufacturing in 1893. Boss built its reputation by responding to the needs of local farmers, replacing their cloth work mittens with high-quality work gloves. One particular point of company pride is that Boss gloves went to the South Pole with Admiral Byrd in 1929.

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