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Advertising Tri-fold Brochure Color Litho “The Hot Scourge of The City”

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Lithographic advertising plate conceived and executed by the Advertising Service Department of the Society of Modern Art for Louis Bossert & Sons, Inc. of Brooklyn, N.Y. and pioneering builders and developers of what was becoming “the suburbs.  “Why suffer from the lash when you can enjoy…. the cool caress of the shore?”

Plates are from the reference files of famed California artist Sam Hyde Harris. Celebrated as one of the great California plein air painters, Harris was also a towering figure as a commercial artist. This treasure trove of images demonstrates the continual cross-pollination of influences between artists specifically in the world of design and advertising and show the adventuresome catholicity of his tastes and his openness to new ideas. We’re posting 40 of these as a small sampling of a dossier full of the truly cutting edge design ideas in the teens and twenties of the twentieth century.

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