Andrés A. Hernandez

Andrés A. Hernandez - Portrait of A Man in a Panocha - Oil on Canvas 1900 P3292

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A work of great presence and great gravitas. Not pretty but truly beautiful. Head-on, the whole person. Although one's first impression is that this must be by a Mexican artist, there is also a strong likelihood that the artist may be Venezuelan (Venezuela having a very strong group of painters in this period coming out of its National Academy and artists of this style like Martin Tovar y Tovar and Antonio Herrera Toro to look up to), and the sitter might even be Colombian judging by the unusual crown of the sombrero.

 In any case this is a real costumbrismo painting, in its sober attention to detail, and human interest and meticulous realism. How we wish we knew more about the painter. Signed and dated.

Measures 19 1/2" wide x 25 1/2" tall. In very good condition.

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