Alfonso Tirado

Alfonso Tirado Woman with Blue Beads and Big Hair circa 1960 P2868

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Signed by the artist and captioned Tlacuilopochtli, this sensational 60s gal makes her entrance and we can't take our eyes off her. She is modern and swingin' and totally boss. Nothing folklorico going on here, sabés?

Oil on board. Measures 15 1/2" x 19 1/2". Frame is 19" x 23".

We are delighted by the small collection of this delightful artist's work we are assembling.

Born in Mexico City, Alfonso Tirado attended the Academy of San Carlos. Upon graduation in 1922, he began working as an illustrator. He specialized in realistic adventure comics, that he published in Mexican comic magazines. His first story was 'Aguila Blanca', published in Pim Pom. His story 'El Hombre Invisible' was published in Pepín, and in Paquín. For the latter, he also produced serials like 'Mr. Mc. Ana en el Africa' and 'El Misterio de la Casa Roja'. Later series include 'El Vampiro Tenebroso', 'Nick Carter', and contributions to 'Mini-historias'. He retired from comics in the 1970's and spent the rest of his life as an art painter.

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