Monterey Furniture

The Monterey Story: Mars and Venus Align

Many things distinguish Monterey, but, to us, one of its most intriguing qualities is how it manages to appeal to both men and women. You might think, oh, of course, the floral decorations are there for the women and the handsome wrought iron touches and hand-hewn quality of the woodwork are obviously masculine in feeling, but in our experience these things appeal equally to both sexes. It is the combination really that does the trick.  And this is very unusual in domestic design. Men accept the different colors and painted scrolls and flowers unhesitatingly and women not only love the look but also, being more practical, appreciate its functionality. And perhaps they also instinctively feel how it sets off their own charm. And, this being California after all, there is an overall romance to Monterey's conception, with its overtones of Arts and Crafts mixed into its Spanish Colonial inspiration. And that has its effect.

And one last thing: has any furniture brand since Sheraton and Chippendale lent its name to an entire style?