Meyer Greenberg

Meyer Greenberg - Portrait of a Young Woman In White - 1976 - Oil on Canvas P2690

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Meyer Greenberg fascinates us. This little known outsider artist produced works of astonishing originality throughout his life. Each one we have seen has a gravity and personality all its own. Here, at 77 years old, he is working effortlessly. It's almost as if he became younger as he aged. His characteristic blocks of color are in play, and at a scale we have never seen him paint before. The young woman's dress makes us wonder if he is working from an old photograph, a school-girl of the 1920s dressed in white for her graduation, and yet she feels so modern to us. It's an extraordinary work.

The canvas measures 36" x 72", the simple black wooden frame is 37" x 73".

Meyer Greenberg was born in Russia in 1899.  While a resident of Los Angeles by 1940, Greenberg was a draftsman in an airplane factory. 

Exhibited:  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1940; San Diego Fine Art Gallery, 1940; San Francisco Art Ass'n, 1941.

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