Leon Saulter

Leon Saulter (1908 - 1986) Ultra Modernist Cityscape - Oil on Canvas P2692

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Townscape we might better call it. Small-town urban. However we describe it it doesn't change the fact of this painting's verve and jagged, jazzy good cheer. Fantastic colors.

Canvas measures 32" x 30". Unframed.

Born in Poland on March 31, 1908. By the 1930s Saulter was active on the Federal Art Project while a resident of Los Angeles. He died there on Sept. 24, 1986. Exh: Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1936-40; Artists Union (LA), 1939; Stendahl Gallery (LA), 1941; LACMA, 1940, 1943, 1946. In: Santa Barbara Museum; Bonita Union High School (Spirit of Youth Learning Industry); David Starr Jordan School, Long Beach (Head).

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