Edouard Halouze

Lady In The Rain - Édouard Halouze - Small Pochoir c 1920 - Boudoir Art

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Well, first, what is a boudoir, really? It is a woman's private space, for reading a book, or to collect her thoughts, even to just plain simmer down (the word is derived from the French verb bouder, to sulk), and, sometimes, to receive a friend... or a lover. And Boudoir Art? Paintings and prints, usually quite small, that speak to her femininity: images of fashion, and romantic courtship usually, and not to be confused with boudoir photography by a long shot. And these lovely works achieved a certain perfection in the first decades of the 20th Century.

This, by one of the genre's most noted practitioners, Édouard Halouse, shows a lady venturing out in the rain under a Japanese umbrella in a fashionable coat whose lining a gust of wind has revealed.

The art measures 4" x 6", and the frame is 9 3/4" x11 1/2". From a collector, excellent condition.

Edouard Halouze(1895-1958), well listed French artist, illustrator and decorator who was a frequent contributor to the Gazette du Bon Ton. He participated in an exhibition dedicated to "Fashion as seen by Painters" at the Musée des arts décoratifs in 1920. He developed a unique style in 1925 due to his use of cubist possibilities in décors, costumes and program covers for the French Music Hall. A Pochoir (French: “stencil”), as distinguished from ordinary stenciling, is a highly refined technique of making fine limited editions of stencil prints. It is often called hand coloring, or hand illustration. The 20th-century artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró made prints in this technique for book illustrations.


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