Keith Haring

Keith Haring Original Canvas lnvitation to the Wedding of Dr Winkie (complete kit) - AP1233

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Extremely rare. We'll tell you why. When Dr Winkie, the mastermind behind San Francisco's legendary venue DV8, decided to get married to Este Fu, an invitation  to the wedding naturally became the hottest ticket in town. And you better believe everyone who got one made sure to RSVP. Friend of the groom Keith Haring designed the custom silk-screened canvas.

Lesli Arbuthnot (from whose collection this comes), was Dr Winkie's right hand at DV8, as well as pals with Haring, and recounts the tale of its survival:  "I never returned this invite, that's why I kept it. I saw Este in the office or at the club every day. The invitation package was a formality, a gift... The invite is addressed to me." Which is why this invitation still exists in its cherry state.  And which is how one can come to attend the wedding of Mr Lawrence Lin to Miss Estefania Fu, eat the cake, and have it too.

Serigraph on canvas. Art measures 6 1/4" x 6 1/2". Envelope with sticker seal, and reply card and printed invitation included.

Photo shows Este Fu, Dr Winkie and collector Lesli Arbuthnot.


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