Jesus Alvarez Amaya

Jesus Alvarez Amaya - Woodcut - 18th of March - AP1455

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Prints like these were made in popular editions to be widely reproduced as the people's art. This is a fine example of the artistic brilliance of these politically engaged works.

Measures 11" x 14".

Mexicans remember Oil Expropriation Day (Día de la Expropiación Petrolera) as the day that the country's oil fields were nationalized on March 18, 1938. Then-President Lázaro Cárdenas is pictured in the print.

Jesús Álvarez Amaya (November 19, 1925 – June 21, 2010) was a Mexican painter and graphic artist, mostly known for mural work and his graphic work as head of the Taller de Gráfica Popular, which he led from 1967 until his death. His murals can be found in various parts of the country and his art mostly have social and political themes.

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