Byron Randall

Byron Randall (1918-1999) - Woodcut - Schooner & Doryman AP1563

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This wonderfully moody print has had gold-leaf applied to it by the artist: the effect is magical. 2nd edition. (A doryman is a fisherman, one who uses a dory, a boat with a narrow, flat bottom, high bow, and flaring sides.)

Measures 18" x 24". Ships flat only.

Byron Randall (October 23, 1918 – August 11, 1999) was an American West Coast artist, well known for his expressionist paintings and printmaking. A contemporary of artists Pablo O'HigginsAnton RefregierRobert P. McChesneyEmmy Lou Packard (his second wife), and Pele de Lappe (his final companion), Randall shared their left wing politics while exploring different techniques and styles, including a vivid use of color and line.

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