Raoul Capitani

Raoul Capitani - Vendimia (The Harvest) 1973 - Block Print AP1630

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Extraordinary image. It seems a bitter harvest indeed.

Signed and dated. Artist's proof.

From the ArtQuid website: Raul Capitani, born in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1941, studied fine arts since 1964 and had his first shows in Mendoza, Mar del Plata, 1979 Chile. He spent time in Mexico and then moved to Barcelona, receiving Spanish nationality a few years later. A master of the art of engraving and printmaking, etching, lithographs and woodcuts, this socially conscious and political artist he has illustrated books, comics, and published calendars. His is an art of passionate engagement that speaks with eloquence and precision, distinguished by a plastic and emotional freedom.

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