Let there be light... and there WAS lighting. And there still IS lighting. And the lighting is GOOD.

Almost nothing enhances a period decor more than the gorgeous lamps and torchières and chandeliers that were designed for it. Whether you live in a classic Craftsman bungalow, are restoring a historic Spanish Colonial, or looking sleek in your Deco penthouse, we have the goods, wired to code, that will nail the look.

And nothing is more warm and welcoming, more beautifying to the home, and flattering to your guests, than these period fixtures with their shades that mellow and diffuse the light, from the rarest wire-mesh and painted vellums, to mica and stained glass. Outdoor lighting, as well, from lanterns to carriage lights, is plentifully represented here alongside our range of luminaires in all the styles that the California imagination demanded, and got.

Increasingly rare, and of a craftsmanship never matched since, our lighting collection of these one-of-a-kinds and classics is our pride.