Coronado, Del Rey, Imperial and Monterey Furniture

Monterey Style refers not only to its great original and namesake but also to the competition. And all were innovators, taking the Monterey idea in different directions, making it their own. We name the greats, the Imperial Company, Angeles Furniture Company (the line called Coronado), Del Rey, Karpen, Brown and Saltman, but even Sears (La Fiesta) and Stickley created Monterey-style furniture.

Instant hits from the 1930s through the 1940s, these California lines were uniquely Western, deriving their character from Spanish and Dutch Colonial styles, California Mission architecture and furnishings, ranch furnishings, and cowboy accoutrements such as might be found in a barn (lariats and branding irons). Together they defined the democratic and fantastic California style, one that is still referred to as the Dream.