Padre Pottery

Pair of Padre Tumblers CA2210

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Very much in the Catalina style. Each measures 4" x 3" x 3". We love that delicate green.

At the height of the pottery craze in the 1930s, California boasted over 1,600 potteries. Manufacturers sprung up overnight to meet consumer demand for colored dinnerware, gardenware and artware. For many of these companies, few if any records exist. One of the hidden gems of the era was Padre Pottery. Very little is known about the company other than they operated in the mid-30s to approximately 1943 in Lincoln Heights district of Los Angeles, close to Pacific Clay Products and Bauer Pottery. A large fire, not uncommon in the business then, cut their career short. What remains of their brief output is nothing short of glorious.

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