Triana, Seville

Pair of Spanish Urns circa 1950 decorated in Chinoiserie CA2377

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Signed "Los Remedios SA Triana". The artist behind the exuberant chinoiserie permits themself a Japanese variation in one scene, a geisha in a kimono sitting on the grass of the very Chinese garden. Both urns memorialize the centuries old influences that have journeyed back and forth between East and West.  This pair really is a tribute to all of them.

Each measures 16" tall x 12 1/2" in diameter. One small chip to the base of one. Sold as apair

Triana, Seville has a long history of ceramics: 

"Although you can still find little ceramics shops in Triana, and a few artisans working using the traditional methods – though the old wood-fired brick kilns have been replaced by electric kilns – the industry has declined, and ceramics are no longer produced here on a large commercial scale.

Nevertheless, this part of Triana, where the entrance to the old Ceramica Santa Ana is an important landmark, is still worth a visit. The market gives a good idea of how tiles were used for signs, and in the remaining small workshops you can find some pretty pieces that are great for souvenirs.

In commemoration of this history, a new museum, the Centro Ceramico, is soon to be opened next door to the Santa Ana, where you will be able to see some of the old kilns, and collections of both traditional and modern tiles." -  from the veoapartment blog.


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